Astrology for Generating Big Business Ideas by Kujnish Vashisht

This book is about triggering certain reactions in your mind, based on your Astrological combinations, so that you can generate big Business Ideas, which have the potential to change your life. Astrological research tells us about certain combinations in a Horoscope, which when combined can create magic. Why two people born with the same astrological combinations don’t lead same lives? The answer is simple. We live in a dynamic World where every person is exposed to unique set of environments in his daily life. Some environments are favorable to one’s Horoscope and some are not. This book focuses on creating environments, based on certain combinations derived from some different combinations in your Horoscope, which can trigger favorable creativity reactions in your mind, and these reactions when combined with a well-defined focus can take you closer to your Billion Dollar Business Idea. Which specific combination in your Horoscope can trigger an idea reaction in you has been explained in clear and specific terms in this Book./ No matter how good or bad one’s horoscope is, ability to generate a Brilliant Business Idea is present in every Horoscope. This book explains how to trigger that moment of brilliance in your life.
Some key astrological aspects covered in this book have been described in such a manner that even a beginner in astrology can understand with ease.. Kujnish Vashisht, Author of this book is an Astro Business Consultant with 20 plus years of experience, and has mentored leading business establishments and individuals.

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