The Cosmic Influence by Francis King (1976)

Traces the origins and history of astrology, discusses the characteristics ascribed to each sign of the zodiac, and explains how to construct a horoscope.

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The Practical Astrologer: All You Need to Know to Construct Birth Charts, Cast Horoscopes and Discover what the Stars Have to Reveal by David Christie-Murray (1990)

Scope Out Your Life: What Your Sign Says About You by Julia Marsden

Reincarnation: Ancient Beliefs and Modern Evidence by David Christie-Murray

Thru the Stars to Success by Belle Bart (1923)

Astrology Made Simple and Easy to Understand by Hanne Klein

Jupiter: The Planet of Luck by Hanne Klein

Madalyn Aslan’s Jupiter Signs: How to Improve Your Luck Career Health Finances Appearance and Relationships Through the New Astrology

‘All in One’ About Grah Guru / Jupiter in Jyotish (Compilation)

The Guru’s Clue: Parivarthana Yogas and Jaimini Jyotisha by Marc Boney

Guru Vichar गुरु विचार- H N Katwe (Hindi)

Jupiter Meets Uranus by Anne Whitaker

Jupiter Transits (Paryaya) by Parthasarathy Vinukonda

Jupiter in 12 Signs, Houses and Aspects (Compilation)

Yogas of Planets: Jupiter, Brihaspati by Andrew Foss

The Fascinating Jupiter by L R Chawdhri

Exploring Jupiter: The Astrological Key to Progress, Prosperity & Potential by Stephen Arroyo

Bhrigu Nadi Principles – Profession and Life Style Through Saturn and Jupiter by N Srinivasan Shastry

Sun Spots, Stars and the Stock Market: The coming Jupiter effect, and some serious warnings relating to planetary cycles, investor confidence, and stock market patterns by Thomas Rieder

Retrograde Planets (Part 1 -Jupiter and Venus) by Himanshu Shangari

Jupiter: The Preserver by Alan Leo

Know About Jupiter and Saturn by Shanker Adawal

Jupiter – The Path of Expansion by Sri K Parvathi Kumar