Father Sun, Mother Moon: Astrology’s Dynamic Duo by Wendell C Perry

The Sun and the Moon signs are always among the first factors a professional astrologer looks at when interpreting a horoscope. But knowing your Sun and Moon signs is not the same thing as knowing how they work together. Whatever your Sun does to push you out into the world is complemented by what your Moon is doing to protect you. The Sun is your offense. The Moon is your defense. That’s what this book is about and how it differs from other books: I treat the Sun and the Moon as a team.

It is through the Sun and the Moon that we learn who we are and discover our essential identity; we make that essential self, our ego, a part of the world at large. What makes the Sun and the Moon so different from one another is the way in which each goes about this task. The Sun is like the proud poppa. He stands back and watches as his child (your ego) takes his or her first steps. The Sun cheers, he prods, he offers encouragement but he keeps his distance. The Moon is the worried momma. She’s scanned the room for sharp edges even before the child takes the first step. Then she watches breathlessly, ready to reach out and offer support at the merest stumble.

We need both Father Sun and Mother Moon to make our way. We need the Sun to give us vitality, ambition, courage and self-confidence. We need the Moon to provide us with the emotional intelligence to know when we are in a situation that might do us harm and to help us find the people and the circumstances that will make us feel emotionally complete. Despite these differences, these two astrological bodies work toward the same purpose ― to make you the happy, productive person that you were meant to be.

The book is divided into 12 chapters, one for each Sun sign. At the beginning of each chapter there is a brief description of the influence of the Sun in this sign. This is followed by a description of how that Sun sign works in combination with each of the 12 possible Moon signs. In total, there are 144 different combinations.

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