A Sky Lore Anthology: As Above, So Below – Sun, Moon and Stars (Vol 2) by Julie Loar

The forty articles contained in this Anthology, originally appeared in issues of Atlantis Rising magazine from 2001 until 2019. The articles in this two-volume anthology are arranged by category, or topic, and not chronologically as they first appeared in Atlantis Rising over two decades. This two-volume Anthology contains a collection of articles on astrology, astronomy, and mythology that were published in Atlantis Rising magazine, spanning two decades of contributions. For many years, Julie Loar’s column in Atlantis Rising was the clearest, most reliable, and most readable source of ancient sky lore to be found in print or on the web. Her thoughtful presentation of historical and mythical detail, informed by extensive in-depth personal research into classic astrology, made her an authority not only to the astrologically minded, but to anyone interested in the forgotten riches of our ancient, and little understood, past.

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