Numerology: Multiple Digits and Decanates by Esther V Leinbach

Full descriptions of Numbers 1 -100, as well as the 36 Astrological Decanates and rulerships. Use this book to learn about cycles, birthdays, names and dates. There are very few discussions of Numerology that look at the higher numbers and their distinct significance. Here, you will find information on numbers 1 – 100, both as an influence on a cycle as well as in the individual’s personality. This book represents the author’s combined study of Numerology with her extensive background and published work of Astrological titles. Esther Leinbach’s work with Degrees (Sabian Symbols) led to her study of Numerology which she found highly significant. Mrs. Leinbach provides descriptions of the Astrological correlations to Numerological influences and includes the often overlooked decanates.

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