EVERY MAN IS A STAR: In search of our Mother Star: the identification of the stellar significators in a birth chart by Giacomo Albano

The constellations and the fixed stars are the true origin and the foundation of astrology. Paracelsus claimed that each of us is the manifestation of a star, but by this we mean a certain cosmic principle, one of the ideas; this idea is also typical of a certain star, but we have not derived it from the star, it is only that we are related to it and therefore we attract each other. Thus we understand the importance of the techniques shown in the first part of this book for identifying stellar and planetary significators in a birth chart. We will see how to identify the constellations, the fixed stars and also the planets with which the native is in particular “sympathy” and how to use them both in the common astrological practice, both in spiritual or magical astrology. In the following the book deals with the relevance of the heliacal phases in world astrology. The last chapter focuses on the analysis of sympathetic attraction mechanisms between terrestrial and celestial realities.

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