Famous Women: Astro Portraits By Women Astrologers by K N Rao

It was a wish, which became a dream and now the dream has become a reality.

What was the wish? My mother had taught me astrology and I saw how in the intimacy of conversation between two females she sometimes advised them and guided them astrologically. I have not yet seen a woman astrologer, who could rise to her level in two areas, in female horoscopy and prashna. But someday someone would emerge out of the women astrologers now in field and will be even better. That is the wish.

But year after year, after seeing so many bright woman students in our successive batches of astrology in the Bharatiya Vidya Bhawan, New Delhi, and not finding them hard working enough, the wish remained a mere dream and not a reality.

Slowly, in the research classes we got successful women, doing well in their professions, doing astrology seriously. Could they be persuaded to write a book jointly to give to this dream the lineaments of a real achievement? This haunted me for some years now.

Then in ZOO 1, I broached the subject in research classes and asked the women students whether they would be willing to write on famous women in the International Year of the Empowerment of Women. They reacted ecstatically.

It has taken more than six months to see that dream become a reality now. Here it is, a book written by twenty women astrologers, who have done the two year course in astrology, on famous women.



There has been a demand for this book for many years and now the second edition is being brought out with one change.

Benazir Bhutto (Sonia Mehdiratta) Originally we had in the earlier edition, a piece on Jayala Jitha by Preeti Kapoor but later it was found that her horoscope was wrong.

In the case of Benazir Bhutto, the birth details were passed on by a famous Indian diplomat Shri Natwar Singh and on this basis her tragic end was predicted successfully. On this basis it was told secretly that in the mahadasha of Mercury in the tenth house, she would rise politically and she did become prime minister twice in this dasha.

Mercury in the tenth house proved lucky for her.

She was married in the Vimshottari Mahadasha of Mercury, (darakaraka in Jaimini which principle can be extended to Vimshottari) antardasha of Ketu. In the pratyantara dasha of Venus in the seventh house it was decided to have this marriage solemnized. She became a mother in Mercury Venus which has clear connection with fifth house and fifth lord of the Saptamsha.

Her famous father was hanged in the mahadasha of Saturn inspecting the ninth house and Mars antardasha in the ninth house. The birth details were given in strict confidence and it was not revealed by us for full sixteen years. In the year 2000, I revealed it for the first time.

In the first edition it was suggested that Thrimshamsha should be used for women as it is used for men, in a normal and not a special way, as modern woman is not a mere object of sex and should be judged for her many talents and these rise for her rise in the public and corporate world. Anil Singh produced a good research on this which is included in the Souvenir and reproduced here. The traditional and narrow use of Thrimshamsha must now be discarded in the case of women is the sound argument that needs acceptance.

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