Marriage And Progeny: An Astrological Analysis by Sita Ram Singh

Marriage is a landmark event in an individual’s life, and his future happiness depends on it. Unlike some religions which treat marriage as a ‘contract’ for satisfying physical needs, Hindu religion recognizes marriage as a Samskara (a life-long bond) between husband and wife who take a Sankalpa (pledge) at the time of marriage to jointly endeavour for Dharma (an ideal life), Artha (wealth), Kama (controlled sensual gratification), and finally achieve moksha (liberation from the cycle of birth and death).

The book starts with the basic concepts of the Divine Science of Astrology so that the reader can easily comprehend the remaining Chapter without any outside help. The book provide complete guidance for selecting the best possible life partner, clues about the nature of Children, and whether they will be helpful to parents or not. The book discusses over 90 horoscopes in North Indian and South Indian formats, which have been selected form author’s personal practice.

The author most affectionately dedicates the book to his wife late Smt. Tara Devi, and son late Sanjay Kumar Singh, whose love and affection he will always cherish.

The author acknowledges the constant support and assistance provided by his daughter Mrs. Renu Sing, M.A., B.Ed. and her best friend Ms. Shalini Prakash, M.A., B.Ed., Vice Principal, D.A.V. Sr. Secondary School, Delhi.

The author is obliged to Shri Tilak Raj for preparing quick computer printout of the manuscript. The author is grateful to Shri S.K. Ghai, CMD, Sterling Publishers Pvt. Ltd., for his personal interest in bringing out the book in the best possible get-up.


  I. Marriage  
1 The Divine Science of Astrology 1
2 Astrology and Marriage 26
3 Essentials of Female Horoscopy 35
4 Lucky and Unlucky Freatures of a Girl 45
5 Matching of Horoscopes 52
6 Friendship, Love and Love Marriage 76
7 Unhappy Marriage, Delay and Denial 87
8 Plurality of Marriage and Adultery 96
9 The Role of Jupiter and Venus in Marriage 105
10 The Sun in 7th House 111
11 Rahu poisons Married Life 119
12 Why Marriages fail after Kundli Matching 126
13 Remedial Measures 132
  II. Progeny  
1 Introduction 139
2 House of Progeny 141
3 The ruselt of 5th Lord in different Houses;  
  and different House Lords in 5th House 144
4 The Effect of other Planets 148
5 Birth of Childern: 153
  (i) Early or late Child Birth  
  (ii) Son or foughter  
  (iii) Death of Children  
  (iv) Childlessness,sterility/barrenness  
  (v) Adoption  
6 How lucky is now born fro self and family 174
7 Old age care of parents by children 183
8 Remedial measures 193

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