Get a Cosmic Clue: Astrology, Numerology, Fengshui, and Other Help From the Heaven by Lori Stacy

It’s time to do some major soul-searching & figure out who you really are@ Get a Cosmic Clue contains info on some New Age practices that have become hot with teens today. This book can explain why you act the way you do sometimes, why your room can give you a headache, & why that new cuties is sending you a weird vibe. You’ll discover: common personality traits associated with your astrological sign, ways to win over that hot guy using clues about his sign; principles of Far East astrology & what your Chinese animal symbol says about you, ways to gain even more insight into your personality by using numerology, the secrets of Feng Shui & how to bring peace to your surroundings & so much more!

Price INR 75

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