Debilitated Planets – Part I: Sun, Moon and Jupiter by Himanshu Shangari

Debilitated Planets Part 1. When a planet gets debilitated, it becomes very weak. However, debilitation of a planet doesn’t mean that such planet is malefic in nature. It can be benefic or malefic, depending on the overall horoscope in consideration. Debilitation of a planet is primarily a measure of its weakness as well as its unease of operation, and not that of its functional nature in a horoscope. Vedic astrology lays various guidelines to decide the functional nature of various planets in a horoscope. 


This book deals with debilitated Sun, debilitated Moon and debilitated Jupiter. Benefic as well as malefic effects of these debilitated planets have been discussed in each house of horoscope, along with relevant examples from horoscopes. 

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