Travel Far: A Beginner’s Guide to the Out-Of-Body Experience by Darryl E Berry

The out-of-body experience or astral travel is a mode of perception during which one experiences existing and traveling apart from the physical body. Things perceived and experienced are as real as the book you are holding, or the computer screen you are viewing. Have you ever awoken paralyzed, or felt falling or floating sensations, or sensed vibrations as you slept? You became aware of out-of-body experience precursors. And now you can learn to go farther!! <div></div><div>In this book you will: </div><div></div><div>* Find dozens of personal accounts of out-of-body experiences, so you can know what to expect, and that you do return safely. </div><div>* Learn what altered states are, so that you can access these states and expand your consciousness. </div><div>* Discover comprehensive, detailed, and tested techniques and methodologies on how to generate an out-of-body experience and maneuver through time, space, and other dimensions. </div><div>* Learn to establish first-hand that we survive physical death, and how to contact recently deceased loved ones.

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