Astrology Made Easy: Astro Guru Ganesha Explains Effect of Stars and Planets on Human beings by Jaipal Datta

Authors are of two types—those that edit for edition sake and a few for the spread of knowledge. “My intention is one of latter class. I am not new to the astrological enthusiasts as I wrote on many web sites on “New Techni­ques of Prediction”. I could have straight-away published this book, without such previous revelations- But my sincere wish was that its merit must be first known to the public before the publication of this book as I feared that this book may be thought to be one among many already in the market- I had no intention to publish so early as this as all my Research Work is not yet over and there are still many more wonderful subjects under examination- But the urge of many of the Readers of my web sites has been so heavy that I could not postpone to a later date. As far as possible majority of the principles that have proved true by Research are included in this edition reserving the rest for future. That what all I have expounded is genuine and marvelous may be seen from the several opinions of the Readers who also had consulted me. May God bless my readers. May this book inform my readers about Astrology.

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