Astrology and Faith: Acutal Case Studies of Cures through Astromedical Diagnosis by K N Rao (Bilingual – in English and Hindi)

The Message of This Book The great poet Surdas has expressed sublime thoughts and talked of the inefficacy of all remedies except surrender unto HIM. I. There are cases when neither medicine nor prayer saves a life or a situation. That Is inscrutable fate. But such cases are the results of some terrible karmas which we must suffer. 2. There are cases where both medicines and prayers worked and gave relief at least partially. 3. There are cases where medicines cure a disease in these days particularly of so much advance in science and technology and brilliant researches on which billions of dollars are spent. 4. There are cases where prayers worked and medicines failed. Such cases should be noted and emulated for divine inspiration in life. AT ANY RATE It is you who has to do the prayers and surrender unto God or someone in your family who loves you has to do it. When you are hungry you eat food and not someone on your behalf. When you are in distress It Is you who has to pray or at least someone who can do it for you unselfishly and sincerely. Daily poojas, prayers are the most essential Karma of man-the famous NITYA KARMA. When you neglect it, your tapobalam goes down and In times of distress you are like a man without spiritual bank balance. Have you ever thought about it? Now read the cases presented in this monograph all verifiable and soundly discussed astrologically, and even medically, wherever necessary. BUT DO NOT ACCEPT THE CLAIMS OF FRAUDULENT FAITH HEALERS BECOMING BETTER KNOWN THROUGH TELEVISION THESE DAYS IN INDIA.

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