Krishneeyam of Shree Krishna Acharya by N E Muthuswami

Krishneeyam is one among the Kerala treatises in the’ branch of Horary Astrology other prominent works being PRASNAMARGA, PRASNAANUSHTAANA PADHATHY, PRASNAAYANAM, which are available in published form. It derives its name Krishneeyam because it was authored by Sri Krishna Acharya. While Prasnamarga and Prasnaanusthaana padhathy contain full fledged comprehensive and systematic description of the methodology of conducting Prasna or horary Astrology, Krishneeyam is smaller in size and deals with only, a few topics in horary Astrology. In the last stanza of the work the author names it “Chinthaa gnaanam” The author of this work was well versed in all the six saastraas like Vyaakarnana. This is clear from his own statement in the last stanza of the text” He also states that he has written this work by copiously taking many things from the Astrological treatises. He also claims that he has not used even an incorrect word in this text. Krishnaayam is an earlier work than Prasnamaarga and Dasaahayaayi because authors of both the works have quoted copiously from Krishneeyam. Further the author of Prasnamaarga has said that Astrologer who learn by heart the Krishnaayam, shine in the congregation of Astrologers. Krishneeyam is a very popular horary treatise in Kerala. It contains lots of clues helpful in Nashta prasna and Chara prasna. It gives some different descriptions regarding Drekkana and their lords. The friendship, enmity of planets as given is slightly different from other authors.

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