Glimpses of Jaimini Sutras by Jagdish Raj Ratra

Jagdish Raj Ratra is B.Com. (Hons.), L.L.B. Fellow (F.I.1) worked in Insurance Sector (LIC of India) for 38 years. He has been dedicated to serious study in astrology since last few decades. He retired in Feb. 1996, has special interest in Jaimini Astrology. His work on Jaimini Astrology has been the most unique and different than the traditionally known understanding of Jaimini Astrology. We have received numerous appreciations from serious students plus writers in Jaimini Astrology on the original thoughts of Ratra ji on Jaimini Astrology and it gives us great pleasure to have him on board as one of the esteemed writers on Jaimini Astrology.

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