Chara Dasa of Jaimini by U K Jha

This book on Chara Dasa is especially revolutionary in the sense that the author has brought about too many new and hither to unknown vistas of Jaimini astrology with emphatic arguments, exhaustive explanations and corybantic exposition. The line of argument and the logics adduced therewith are not only splendid in adumbration but also take the readers to new splen-dorous summit of reasoning and comprehension, giving a clear realisation of the fact that savants (commentators) have so far not been able to do justice with the principles of Jaimini astrology because of the reasons that can be explored only in some viewless vast of oddity. For the first time the author in this book has brought out following facts boldly with insistent assertion

  • The method of calculation of Chara Dasa as is prevalent and dealt in the texts are not as per the injunctions of JUS (Jaimini Upade-sha Sutra).
  • The sutra “Atra Shubhah Ketuh” is for calculation of Chara Dasa and not for any outlandish and perfidious interpretations.
  • The sutra “Nathantah Samah Prayena” contains specific meaning for computation of Dasa period of different signs. Sign to sign reck-oning is incongruous.
  • Sub-periods in Chara Dasa is to be worked out as per the sutra “Dwiteeye Bhavabalam Charanavamshe” and other subsequent sutras.
  • Use of second source and other source of strength has been elab-orated for the first time in the known history of astrology.
  • So is the case with working out the “Chara Karaka” “Arudha of house” and “Swamsha” etc which had remained under the heavy bales of confusion since time immemorial.

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