Star Wisdom: Principles of Pleiadian Spirituality by Gene Andrade

This is a must-read. Star Wisdom is a great experience in the discovery of higher consciousness. Read on to learn of the real truths about life and death, God and man, and religion and spirituality.❞
– Randolph Winters, author of The Pleiadian Mission

This book is for those who want to grow spiritually—to find deep happiness and freedom of spirit. Pleiadian Spirituality is for those willing to take complete responsibility for their own lives, for those who have seen through the false promises of religions, cults, and gurus and yet are still seeking greater spiritual development. The journey of the human spirit is a wondrous voyage from a primitive state of ignorance, going through innumerable lifetimes in which one grows in wisdom, until at last one merges with all spirits in a state of absolute love and light. On and on, say the Pleiadians, one progresses into greater love and light.

This book can be used as a workbook by applying the basic universal principles of spirituality presented by the Pleiadians and seeing how they improve your life. The spiritual guidance given by the Pleiadians has proven over the years to be salient, helpful, and liberating. Pleiadian Spirituality truly is a universal path of wisdom, love, and truth.

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