Transits in Plain English by Press Roberts and Ima Roberts (1974)

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Modern Transits by Lois M Rodden

Reframing Transits by Joanne Wickenburg

Transit in Houses: Vedic Astrology by Saket Shah

Money: How to Find It With Astrology by Lois M Rodden

Medical Astrology In Action: The Transits of Health by Judith A Hill

Al Biruni on Transits by E S Kennedy (Translated by Mohammad Saffouri and Adnan Ifram) (1048)

Naadi Astrology (Rao’s System of Naadi Astrology – Transits Results Expanded): No Calculation – No Calculation – No Hurdles – No Confusions – Simply … on thy Birth Chart and read the True Results by Satyanarayana Naik

Interpretation of Planetary Transit by S K Duggal

The Transiting Planets by Frances Sakoian and Louis Acker

Transits and Events: A Practical Guide to Learning One of the Predictive Methods in Astrology by Dana Davies

How to Identify Significant Events (Through Transit) by V K Choudhary

Secret of Planetary Periods and Transit by Krishna Kumar

Ups and Downs in Career: Replicable Astrological Techniques Using Transits of Saturn and Jupiter by K N Rao (2018 Edition)

Celestial Shadows: Eclipses, Transits, and Occultations by John Westfall and William Sheehan

Grah Gochar Ki Sarthak Abhivyakti ग्रह गोचर की सार्थक अभिव्यक्ति (Hindi) by S K Duggal

Revelations of Medical Astrology by S K Duggal

Graha Gochar Jyotish गृहगोचर ज्योतिष (Hindi) by Shalgram

Graha Gochar Jyotish (Hindi) by Kailash Nath Bhargava

Transits – Gocharapala Nirnayam (KP Reader 5) by K S Krishnamurti

Gochar Vichar (Planetary Transits) गोचर विचार (Hindi) by J N Bhasin

Saral Gochar Vichar सरल गोचर विचार (Hindi) by Arun K Bansal and Vinay Garg

Gochara Phala (Fortune through Planetary Transits) by K N Saraswathy

Graha Gochar Jyotish (Hindi) by Kailash Nath Bhargava

What the Stars Foretell Transit Gochara Astakavarga 1960 by Jupiter

Gochar Vichar गोचर विचार – H N Katwe (Hindi)

Gochar Phaladeepika: Treatise on Transits by U S Pulippani

Gochar aur Asthakavarga गोचर और अष्टकवर्ग (Hindi) by Bhaskaranand Lohani

Nakshatra, Tithi and Gochara Phal by N N Krishna Rau

Timing of Events घटना का काल निर्धारण – With Dasha and Transits (Hindi) by Arun K Bansal

Transit of Planets by L R Chawdhri

Microscopy of Transiting Planets (Special Edition) by Baldev Bhatia

Transit of Planets on Thy Birth Chart by R G Rao