Secrets of Ancient Magic: Path of the Goddess by Frances Harrison and Nineveh Shadrach

Secrets of Ancient Magic: Path of the Goddess delineates a system of spiritual and occult development, based on the ancient Chaldean tradition taught by the Hebrews and preserved by the Arabs. The teachings of this tradition have influenced the philosophy and practices of Western Occultism and secret societies such as the Rosicrucians and the Golden Dawn. This book has something for every occultist, from the beginner to the most advanced. It is full of new and refreshing materials and techniques never before seen in print. Using these materials, readers can undergo intense magical initiations, experience occult empowerments, contact their guardian angel, work with the spirits of the planets, open Elemental gateways, summon benevolent Jinn, master the art of occult protection, create living talismans, explore ancient systems of divination, and more. Secrets of Ancient Magic provides a step by step magical system of development that will accelerate your spiritual transformation and take you to a whole new level. Nineveh Shadrach has spent the last thirteen years teaching magic, qabalah, and other esoteric arts in the U.S. and Canada. Frances Harrison was a practitioner of the Golden Dawn magical system for twenty-four years before embracing its more ancient roots. The authors possess one of the largest libraries on magic, written in Arabic and Persian, in North America. 

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