Moon in Signs by Study of Astrology

The Moon is a satellite that orbits the planet Earth and affects human beings in Astrology greatly. Along with the sun it is one of the two luminaries that make up the total sum of a person’s consciousness. The Moon represents a person’s inner most private world hidden away from others. It rules over the mind and the emotional thinking process. How a person reacts to the world instinctively on an emotional level is seen through the Moon. The Moon itself is known as representing needs for emotional security and what brings balance of the mind and ultimately happiness.

Ruled by Cancer, The moon itself also influences over the 4th house of the Birth Horoscope. The Moon takes roughly 30 days to go through the entire horoscope wheel. It spends 2 1/2 days in each sign before moving on. The sign the Moon is in located on the day of Earth is influential in determining how a person thinks, feels, reacts and responds in life. It is the most influential body in Astrology because of it is the most close in proximity to a person who is born on Earth.


The Moon in Astrology is linked closely with the mother figure. The traits of the sign of the Moon can show key areas of her personality that were dominant. The inner consciousness can be highly susceptible in youth to the influence of the mother and the experience that is had with her. The sign of the Moon at birth can show a tendency to absorb the influence of the Mother’s prominent personality as well as how she handled the relationship between mother and child.

Inside this book is a guide to all 12 of the Moon signs described in detail. Worth nothing is that the emotional inner world and higher mind thinking can be subject to modification by other planetary influences to the Moon by aspect. The rest of the chart needs to be studied in order to determine if other planets/asteroids can modify how the Moon expresses itself. Such aspect scenarios can be responsible for how someone thinks, what they need for security or how they react to things that happen to them. It is important to note the Moon can represents the mother and any aspect to it can influence heavily the perceptions of the mother in the early development years and onward.

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