Astrology in India: A Sociological Inquiry by Nupurnima Yadav

This book critically examines the larger world of astrology in India, its ubiquity and relationship with religion, caste, gender, class and aspirations.

It looks at astrology through an empirical and phenomenological lens, analyzing different meanings and questions associated with it. How do people see astrology–as magic, science, religion, or a knowledge system? The volume analyses the role of astrology in religious and social ceremonies; the interplay of faith and fear; beliefs, practices, mysticism, and skepticism in middle-class households; and gendered negotiations in everyday life. It also delves into how astrology has emerged as a livelihood and an industry, the continued fascination with it even in an era of technological advancement, and its domination of the vernacular media.

Insightful and highly comprehensive, this book will be useful for scholars and researchers of sociology, political sociology, social anthropology, anthropology, cultural studies, gender studies and urban Sociology.

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