The Digested Astrologer, Vol. 1: Signs, Houses, Planets and Aspects by Joanne Wickenburg

Three teenage girls have been found dead, their bodies disposed of in trash cans behind well-kept homes in the northern section of Seattle. The only clues Detective A.J. Pearson and his partner Michelle, AKA Mike Brockman, have are the confusing handwritten notes containing the names of country-western songs that have been left hidden on the bodies of the young victims. It seems the detectives have exhausted every possible lead and still have nothing to show for their efforts–no solid evidence to help them find the killer.

After Mike visits an astrologer at the recommendation of a friend, she tries to convince her partner to approach the woman and ask for her help.There is no way that A.J. is going to agree to work with a “fortuneteller,” who he thinks is nothing more than a con-artist out to prey on the mentally gullible. Finally, to get Mike to stop harping, he reluctantly agrees to meet with Rachel, the woman who will eventually change his way of viewing not only astrology, but his life. After Rachel researches the horoscopes of forty-three serial killers, they are all amazed at what she finds.

Be prepared to take a journey into the twisted mind of a disorganized serial killer, to participate in A.J.’s conversion process as he learns that astrology is more than pure ‘parlor entertainment,’ and to laugh at the ‘police humor’ that Mike and other officers use to offset the depression that goes along with the job.

The research the astrologer does on forty-three horoscopes of serial killers is based on the actual statistical research done by the author.

Twisted Innocence is the first of a series that professional astrologer and author, Joanne Wickenburg, intends to write, using the same three protagonists and, of course, she will be incorporating astrology into all of them.

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