The Solar Return Chart: Your Year Ahead by Joanne Wickenburg

The SOLAR RETURN CHART is a unique system of forecasting in that it creates an entirely new chart, complete with all twelve houses, all signs and all of the planets. A new horoscope is created each year based on the exact moment the Sun moves to the degree and minute it occupied at the exact moment of your birth, revitalizing the Sun’s purpose, giving you new energy and new direction. This chart provides specific details of the year ahead.

To gain the full value from the solar return, you should always evaluate it in comparison to the natal chart, although many astrologers fail to do so. It is true that the solar return can stand alone, but you will not get the full value from its interpretation without considering the natal chart in partnership with it in order to personalize the interpretation. Otherwise, the interpretations may not connect to you. Throughout this book, I will be showing you how to make this comparison.

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