The Digested Astrologer, Vol. 1: Signs, Houses, Planets and Aspects by Joanne Wickenburg

People are still asking for it! This little book was originally published in 1972 as a teachers’ aid. Soon, bookstores around the country were asking for it. The Digested Astrologer is a sixty page booklet containing the condensed wisdom from the works of Rudhyar and Jones and other influential astrologers of the early 20th Century. Its clarity and conciseness made it a favorite for students around the country and abroad.

Jinni and Joanne took broad and abstract ideas and brought them down to earth. The authors have defined, in the most precise form, how the signs interrelate as well as how the houses function sequentially to integrate one experience into the next.

The importance of considering Qualities and Elements is explained and the authors tell you how they work together as well as how they influence the interpretation of aspects. The Chapter on aspects includes information on some interesting minor aspects (Rudhyar considered them very important) as well as aspect patterns such as the Grand Square, Grand Trine, T-square and Yod.

The Chapter on planets includes information on the Moon’s Nodes, Part of Fortune and the importance of considering rulerships and dispositors in the interpretation of charts. The last chapter, “The Highest & Lowest Potential of the Signs and Houses,” provides an in-depth analysis of signs and houses from a more esoteric or spiritual viewpoint. It offers some immediate and direct answers to those who are “on a personal search,” and who find the philosophical books of Rudhyar difficult to read or too advanced at this point. Much of the material in these deeper interpretations are simplified and compiled from concepts in his three books, “Triptych,” “New Mansions for New Men,” and “The Pulse of Life.”

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