The Human Design System: A Complete Guide by Ra Uru Hu

The Beginning Before the Start

The Human Design System: A Complete Guide in 15 Lectures Jovian Archive Media Inc. and the IHDS International Human Design School in association with Jovian Archive T.V. are pleased to announce an historical educational program.
After twenty-one years of teaching Human Design, Ra Uru Hu presented the opportunity to lay out a guide to the full spectrum of the knowledge. Adding to the historical nature of this program, Jovian Archive T.V. streamed Ra’s teachings. 

This Digital Book is a transcript of the 15 lectures taught in the Fall of 2008, including the original illustrations.
Weekly Themes
Each of the five weeks of the program featured a specific theme examined in the three consecutive classes of that week. 

I   Cosmology – Juxtaposition and the New Order
II  Evolution – Homo Sapien, Homo Sapien in Transitus and Rave
III Conditioning – The Godhead, the Program and the ‘Not-Self’
IV Mechanics – Strategy, Inner Authority and Decision making 
V Awareness – Correctness, Orientation and the Perfection of Being

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