Human Design – You and the Shadow by Ra Uru Hu

The first time you looked at all the shapes, colors, numbers and lines of your BodyGraph and wondered what they meant, you likely focused your attention on those colored-in Centers, what our BodyGraph showed was true for you — such as your Type, Strategy and Authority. These are areas most of us can easily identify with.

What we commonly show less interest in initially are the uncolored areas — our Open Centers — but it is exactly those areas that are crucial to understanding our Design. It is these open areas that hold the distortions of the Not-self, and where we can get lost in homogenization. At some point we begin delving into what is not true for us and we start to feel the push/pull of what we are, versus what we’re not.

Initially, we may feel uneasy about what our Open Centers say about us, and may see them as indicators of what we lack and where we fall short. As we walk through life without awareness, we tend to live what we are not. This Not-Self, our shadow, can trap us into living life in fear and worry. But is it possible for us to live our lives free of the shadow? And how can we realise the wisdom held in our open Centers?

In this course you’ll learn to recognize the ways shadow distorts your thinking — and ways to use the shadows of the Not-Self to understand yourself and your relationships with others. Join Ra in discovering how to shift your relationship with the Open Centers and the Not-Self to fully live in accordance with your Design.

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