Holistic Analysis Diagnostics by Ra Uru Hu

Personal and Trans-Personal Analytical Training  – Semester 2
The Science of Differentiation College Certification Program 

In 2003, Ra began to introduce the complexities of the Mechanics of the Maia.
Through myriad of Courses, Lectures, and Seminars the knowledge base was
profoundly expanded. 

Holistic Analysis is the integration of PHS Primary Health System, Rave Psychology,
Variable, Lunar & Planetary Resonance and Base Orientation knowledge with
traditional chart interpretation. This program was made possible in part by Ra’s
creation of Maia Mechanics Advanced Imaging, programmed by Asi Farran. MMAI is
the professional tool of Academy graduates. MMAI incorporates and illustrates the
full spectrum of a unique mapping. 

Holistic Analysis is the full realization of Human Design analytical potential. Holistic
Analysis is open to students of advanced and postgraduate programs and to students
of the Science of Differentiation College. 

Each Semester includes ten lectures as scheduled below: 

– Holistic Analysis Semester 1: Fundamentals, May 2009
– Holistic Analysis Semester 2: Diagnostics, Sept 2009

– Holistic Analysis Semester 3: Certification, May 2010 

This is a transcript of the second semester of the three-semester
Certification Program. Ra focuses on the health and well-being of the newborn,
using diagnostics in relationship to children. 

The topics covered include: 

– Determination Diagnostics

– Environment Diagnostics

– Perspective Diagnostics

– Awareness Diagnostics

– Linkage

– Linkage and Variable 

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