From The Book of Letters: A Guide to Human Design Analysis by Ra Uru Hu


This work is dedicated to my students who have always been my best teachers. I have rarely been able in my life to keep silent. There always seemed to be so many questions to ask, so many answers to explain.

It is over seven years at the time of this writing since I received the Human Design System from what I call, the “Voicel’ The entire process.of my encounter with this information was conditioned by shock. “Only once during the entire eight days of the event did I manage to ask a question.

It was the first morning, January 4,1987. I had been awake all night as I would be for the entire period. When daylight came the “Voice,” broke the silence with a stream of information. I was so astounded. 

All I wanted to know was who or what I was being penetrated by, but instead, I, heard myself blurt out in an empty room, “Where did you get this’ from?” 

The instantaneous reply was, “from The Book of Letters.” 

Ra Uru Hu


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