Jamakkol Prasanam: A Classical Horary System by S GopalaKrishnan

The Jamakkol prasanam is a distinguished technique of horary method of prediction. It is widely practiced in Tamilnadu and for the first time, this procedure is made available in English through this Book. By crossing this language barrier, the Jamakkol prasanam system offers a novel and simple method of astrological divination. This will benefit the astrological community residing in other parts of India and the world. This method is not alien to the conventional and traditional system of astrology. It encompasses all the rules, procedures and the practices of the Parasara system only. It differs in the approach with specific and special rules. The Jamakkol prasanam uses the three vital factors namely the Udhaya, the Aaruda and the Kavippu. These three fundamentals join the Jama planets and their interaction paves the way for the astrological predictions. This book teaches from the basis of the calculations involved in finding the Udhaya, the Aaruda and the Kavippu and also the procedure to fix the Jama planets. The Kaarakathuvas of the planets, the bhavas and the signs are important to arrive at exact results. So they are dealt exhaustively and exclusively. This will be helpful not only to the practitioners of the Jamakkol prasanam, but also to the astrologers in general. Case studies have been included to facilitate the easy comprehension of the Jamakkol system.

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