Gulika in Astrology by N E Muthuswamy

Gulika is a sensitive point in the Zodiac emerging at different points on different days. The rich and varied effects, good and bad in one’s life are attributed to Gulika in Astrology. The present book makes an in-depth of study of Gulika and its various aspects based on the classics of Indian and Kerala Astrology, like Prasnamarga, Phaladeepika etc. Extensively quoted with Sanskrit texts in Devanagari. This is a compendium of all relevant material available on Gulika. The only study of its kind.

Prof.N.E.Muthuswamy , is known in astrological circles in Kerala as the Upakulapathi of Indian Astrology. He has been ardently promoting the learning of Indian astrology among the various sections of Kerala for the last 15 years and he has a large student base. He had organised more than 50/60 Seminars on various aspects of Astrology at various places in Kerala and is well known as an educationist propagating Indian astrology. He recently organised an All India Astrological Conference at Trivandrum and was well attended by the scholars from various parts of the country. He has also presented papers on various seminars organised by different organisation all over India. An active member of the Indian Council of Astrological sciences, he heads the Kerala chapter of the ICAS.  He was awarded Honorary Doctorate in Astrology by Astroresearch Project, Calcutta.

Prof.N.E.Muthuswamy, has written more than 60 books on astrology in Malayalam and has written Exhaustive commentary for Saravali in 6 parts, Brihathparasarahoara in 2 parts, Uthara Kaalamritham in 2 parts, Prasnanushtanapadhathi in 2 parts, Prasnamarga in 6 parts, and critically edited with text and commentaries several books on various aspects of Indian astrology. His books in English, Ashtamangalaprasna, Course in Indian Astrology, Gulika in Astrology have been well received. He has rendered in Sanskrit audio cassettes of classics on Indian astrology of Prasna Margam, Jathakadesam, Phaladepika, Varahoara, Krishneeyam, Muhoorthapadavi, Saravali, etc.

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