Astrology and Pending Karmas by Jay Yadav

The horoscope is the reflection of one’s past deeds. Astrology works on the priciple of Karma theory which is based on cause and effect relationship. The results of good karmas brings happiness whereas the results of bad deeds brings grief. Based on his previous deeds a person enjoys or suffers the fruits of such Karmas done in the past. ‘Astrology and Pending Karmas’ is about various astrological techniques to find out the causes of suffereings and happiness.

This book contains:

Signs, Planets, and House: An introduction to the basics of Vedic astrology which will help the readers to understand the Astrological concepts in a better way.

Storehouse of Karma: the 12th house in a horoscope is the cause and the ascendant is the effect. The 12th house shows the accumulated Karmas.

Nodes and Pending Karmas: Rahu and Ketu acts as the two ends of the tread called life, Rahu shows the distribution of Karmic debts in the prresent life and Ketu shows the inlet of Karmas.

Retrograde planets: Retrograde planets in the horoscope indicates some work which had been stared in the previous inccarnations but not completed. When there are retrograde planets in the natal chart the native may see sudden events happening in his life.

Kaalsarpa dosha , Pitra dosha and remedies for them: Generally doshas are considered as curses but the doshas like Kalsarpa and Pitra doshas are also Karmic debts.

d-60  chart: D-60 or shastyamsa is generally used to know the past life Karmas.

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