Vipreet Rajyoga: The Luck Unleashed by Mohit Pandey

This book is first in the series of my book series – Amazing Astrology in which I will try to expose the practical and logical face of Vedic Astrology as well as highlight certain hidden topics or less discussed topics in astrology.
From an individual’s Kundali (Birth Chart) it is possible to tell that when, how and how much he will gain or lose in life and yes there are remedies effective enough to amplify the gains and minimize loss.
One thing I want to make you crystal clear that no remedy can change your luck completely, they had their limitations, no matter whichever gemstone you wear or whichever ritual you do the limit of luck alteration is 25%-30% which means that if you will have to loose 100 rupee you will lose 75 and if you will have to gain 100 rupee you will gain 125. If an astrologer could have changed the destiny of any individual than the first person would be he himself and every astrologer would have been millionaire whatever is in your fate you will get that only and if anything can change your fate then that is your own Karmmas(hard work).
When we analyze the auspicious Yogas (Conjunctions, aspects and nakshatras in particular position) the first name comes to everyone’s mind is Raj Yoga, Raj Yoga which led the person to live successful life with affluent resources at his disposal but when we go deeper into the Astrology secrets, men who merges his actions into the sea of fate and came out with unique pearls are very few. For example-Lord Buddha, Napoleon, Alexander the great, Mahatma Gandhi, Mark Zuckberg ,Sachin Tendulkar and many more who just turned their fate around and reached hundreds and thousands times over and above their previous level are very few where as Raj Yogas you can found in the Kundalis of Lakhs and Lakhs of people.
So, where lays the difference?
It indicates that there are certain Yogas in Vedic Astrology which are not only beyond Raj Yogas but also far more powerful and highly active than them, they have ability to take a normal human to outstanding level and a good for nothing individual to best for everything stage and major of such yogas are-
First – Neech Bhanga Raj Yoga (Cancellation Of Weakness)
Second – Vipreet Raj Yoga ( Turn Of Fates or Reversal of fortune)
It was both a bit shocking and surprising for me that on internet there are countless articles available which explains Neech Bhanga Rajyoga and its attributes and effects but almost everywhere Vipreet Rajyoga has been considered as a mere stroke of luck and some half logics like Vipreet Rajyoga needs to have supporting Rajyogas to sustain the success and blah blah blah whereas the reality is this that Vipreet Rajyoga has all the qualities of Neech Bhanga Rajyoga with couple of additional advantages over it- It brings great success without much efforts or no efforts at all and it brings success timely unlike in Neech Bhanga Rajyoga where the person although gets great success but after a long and hard struggle.
This book contains the in depth analysis of Vipreet Rajyoga concept with its applications in different lagnas(ascendants) and with example of analyzed kundalis of great persons having this unique Yoga in their Kundalis.

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