Astrology – A Guide to Celebrities and Divine Lives: An Insight into Illustrious Lives via a Mysterious, Ancient Science by Sandeep Gupta

We all are intrigued by astrology. This is science of astral bodies – Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Rahu & Ketu, Pluto, Neptune, and Uranus.

Astrology has two parts:
i. Calculative part
ii. Predictive part

Calculative part is easier; there are many a softwares, which can give you planetary positions in a second. It’s the predictive part that can make you bewildered.

There is a 360 degree circle for any planet, which constitutes one full circle around the Sun, which is further divided in 12 signs of 30 degree each.

A sign of 30 degree is further divided into 18 more divisions…

This will make it clear that we have 19 types of main horoscopes, 12 houses in each horoscope, 12 ascendants in each horoscope, 12 possible signs for each of the nine planet and then nine planets.

With this we have “19*12*12*12*9” = 295,488 possible combinations (this is as complex as a Chess game, which has a few million possible logical games).

In the final analysis, I have also given a few myth busters on various opinions or interpretations (such as combust planets, debilitated planets, planets having extremely high or low degrees in a sign – between 0 to 1.5 degree or 28.5 to 30 degree) that are so often mentioned in various Astrology Books, which are just picked randomly without having tested the facts in real time on real people and events.

In my readings, I have found out that combust planet doesn’t necessarily lose its power, similarly a debilitated planet in D1 or even in D9 doesn’t lose its power at all (George Washington had four planets debilitated in D1&D9).

Thus, it’d be an interesting read or initiating point for the scholars of astrology who has taken this art as academic interest.

After finishing this book, readers will learn how to read & interpret a chart, know the benefice planets in the chart, prescribe remedial steps (gems, rudraksha etc.) to boost & strengthen benefice planets or to pacify malefic planets.

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