Ayurveda for Beginners: The Alchemy of Ayurveda, Yoga Natural Food for Anxiety, Tension, Depression, Stress More by Lakshmi Vemuri

Discover the Ayurveda Way of Naturally Healing Anxiety and Depression

Let me tell you my story. I was once severely depressed, riddled with anxiety. When I was a teenager, my body (like most teens) was completely out of sorts. My menstrual cycle had gone into overdrive, I had acne, and my emotions were all over the place. I gained weight, and I was socially awkward. I tried conventional medicine, and it just had no effect on my condition other than causing worse side effects such as headaches and nausea.

Conventional medications carry adverse reactions.

My grandmother suggested that I try the natural practice of Ayurveda. The word “Ayurveda” translates to literally “the science of life.” I discovered a way to alleviate my hormonal condition by practicing the ideas found in Ayurveda. This lifestyle is a completely natural, safe, and holistic look at health and healing. It’s not an easy or quick fix but requires a complete lifestyle overhaul – you must examine what you eat, how you eat it, your sleep patterns, your exercise, breathing, thought patterns, and even your level of celibacy. These factors are all tied together to bring about holistic therapy.

Ayurveda is not a quick fix. It’s a lifestyle!

While my grandmother on my mother’s side was born and raised in Delhi, I did not grow up in India. I was more accustomed to the Western world and the way the lifestyle afforded in the United States. I ate burgers and fries, binge watched sitcoms, and slurped soda all day. Sure, I would go for a walk or ride my bike for exercise, but I never gave a second thought to how my lifestyle choices affected my body’s chemistry.

Ayurveda is a natural, holistic approach to combating diseases, ailments, and health conditions like anxiety and depression.

Now that I’m all grown up and out on my own, I have adapted the practice of Ayurveda to my everyday life. I feel amazing and rarely if ever, get sick. In my book all about using Ayurveda to heal anxiety and depression, I want to teach you everything I have learned and put into daily practice. We will discuss eating, sleeping, seasonal changes, yoga, exercise, and body disposition to adjust your daily habits accordingly.

In my book, you will learn all about how to use the techniques of Ayurveda to heal your anxiety and depression.

  • How Does Ayurveda Work?
  • Techniques Employed in the Practice of Ayurveda
  • Dietary Changes and Mindfulness
  • The Fundamentals of Ayurvedic Healing
  • The Three Principle Energies
  • History, Origin, and Decline of Ayurveda
  • The Concepts of Ayurveda: Tridhoshic Theory
  • Five Elements Theory or Panchamahabhootha Theory
  • Ayurveda and Food Connection
  • Wholesome and Unwholesome Foods (Pathya and Apathya)
  • Steps to Ayurvedic Eating
  • Benefits of Ayurvedic Eating
  • Tips for Good Digestion
  • Achieving Balance and Working Out
  • Do’s and Don’ts of Ayurveda
  • What the Ayurvedic Lifestyle Can Heal including Anxiety, Stress, and Depression
  • How to Deal with Anxiety and Depression Using Ayurveda
  • Ayurvedic Tools to Deal With Stress, Anxiety, and Depression
  • Ayurveda & Yoga – a Potent Recipe to Handle Depression and Anxiety
  • Seasonal Yoga Practices
  • Food and the Mind: Understanding the Mind-Body Connection
  • Ayurvedic Tricks for a Better Mind
  • Addressing Digestive Imbalances
  • Ayurvedic Must-Have Herbs in Your Kitchen
  • Ayurvedic Must-Have Spices in Your Kitchen
  • Basic Equipment in an Ayurvedic Kitchen
  • Cooking as a Path to Awakening
  • 18 Ayurvedic Recipes to Treat Anxiety and Depression

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