Compendium of Astrology (Vol 1 and 2) by Satish Chander Agarwal

1000+ pages in this voluminous set of books

Astrology isa human is applied branch of astronomy which has the relationship between stars / celestial bodies / planets and human being. this science is based on the various forces like gravitational and megnetic as well as light and sound energies. the material and literature of astrology are scattered and reader found difficult in getting consolidate information.This book is an attempt to do the needful. This book has been written in simple and easy language based on the principles and concept of Rishi Prasara  and in North Indian Style. like holly book GITA, this has been divided in to 18 chapters on various subjects. nakshatras, vergas , zodiac houses, rashis, planets dashas results have been explained in very good menner. efforts have been made to prepare this book as a ready reckerner for practicing astrologers and students.

Author is basically M.Sc. Ph. D.,M.P.A., DEM from punjab university, chandigarh. he is an environmental scientist and administrator.He is an advisor to Govt. of India, National Fisheries Development Board. He also worked as Director Fisheries to Govt. of Punjab and haryana states.

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