Perfect Astrology: With Proper Gemstones: With Proper Gemstones, Out of the Nine Like Ruby, Pearl, Coral, Emerald, Yellow Sapphire, Diamond, Blue … and Enhancement in Your Wealth and Health by Ram Babu Sao

The book, “Perfect Astrology (Gemstone)” is a unique book and is truly equivalent of several books on Gemstones. This Book saves you a lot of money wasted on payment to Astrologers. You can plan your future by averting the misshaping by wearing suitable Gems. It is said that success comes only with the right actions at the right timing with the right Gems. This Book provides the best Gems for you for making your ventures successful such as Starting Business, buying a Home, Marriage, love affair or even investing in the Stock Market. JP Morgan made a fortune using “most suitable and empowering gemstone” at Right Time. By using this book, you can make your life more beautiful, prosperous and happy with respect to wealth, Health, love, marriage and carrier than ever before. It is important to work “Smartly” but not hard. This book provides you the knowledge to, 1. Select a right Gemstone and make your life more rewarding. 2. Improve your wealth, career, position, and love life with Gem. 3. Discovers your financial fortune in life with proper Gem. The author has given the effect of each “Gemstone” based on your Planet’s “Quality” in your Kundali, such as, whether it is “Benefic Planet” or “Malefic Planets” as per your Zodiac Sign in Ascendant, Lagna-wise. Buy this book and make a “Proper Gems Ring” and wearing Ring on right Day and at Right Time after chanting the Right Mantra for self and any member of your family. You will never get disappointed. It explains all of the fundamental techniques to analyze a birth chart in the yogic tradition. You can select “Proper Gemstone” without spending much as fees for the astrologers. People give “A+” Rating to this book. Buy this book and avoid problems before they happen by selecting Proper Gems and be comfortable with the gifts provided by the universe, as you deserve them. It is important to be healthy, wealthy and working “Smartly” but not hard. Enjoy the Benefic Effects of Gems related to your Planet, such as, Ruby for the Sun, Pearl for Moon, Coral for Mars, Emerald for Mercury, Diamond for Venus, Blue sapphire for Saturn, Garnet (hessonite) for the planet Rahu and Cat’s eye for the planet Ketu. This book saves your expenditure on consulting many “psychic services” who generally charge you as much as $50, $75, or even $100 for a single prediction. Many people have saved a lot of money on account of Proper Gemstone selection. Be happy that you have this book; otherwise, you will be compelled to consult many Psychics frequently as often as your circumstances warranted.

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