Perfect Astrology (Muhurta): Muhurta Astrology by Ram Babu Sao

The book, “Perfect Astrology (Muhurta)”, is a unique book, which is very informative and also easy to understand. One book is truly the equivalent of several books on Muhurta astrology. You can make Muhurta predictions of yourself, family or friends with the help of this single book. This provides some of the elementary and in depth essential elements on complete Muhurta predictions. Many of the basics on Muhurta astrology are explained in detail. All objects in nature are produced in Time, developed in Time and destroyed in Time. It stands unchallenged. If the creative, protective and destructive forces are embedded in all the ‘Powerful Time’ recognized as the great Kalapurusha in the astrological literature. Here we have a grand problem for solution. “Money is Prosperity”. Muhurta Astrology is not for knowing your future, but planning your future by averting the misshapenness by action in the right Muhurta and at the right time of the ‘Ceremony’. It is important to realize that success comes only with the right actions at the right timing. The whole secret of Astrology is “Right Timing”. This Book provides the best times for successful ventures such as starting a business, buying a home, or investing in the Stock Market. JP Morgan made a fortune using astrology for “Right Timing”. This knowledge is made available to you though this book. By using the book, your life will be more prosperous than ever before. It is important to work “Smartly” but not hard. This Book gives you the followings:That’s why it is reasonable to study the influences of the various energies issued from the solar globe and from the other globes dependent upon the Sun for their supply of all vital energies and reflected by them under various modifications. Scientific investigations have now led to the conclusion that “we are faced with a cosmic determinism”. Money controls the way we live our lives, and this amazing readings will give you the insight, you need to take control of your financial future. Muhurta could be one of the most important readings that you will get through this book that can truly change your life. This book will isolate time to capture the situation and reveal its significance. We are living in a veritable sea of vibratory energies which unerringly and equitably supply the means of creating, maintaining and destroying life and its activities in our little universe. Planetary x-rays are unseen vibrations and they affect biological and psychological processesIf we admit that the Sun is the source of all life and its activities then it follows that in Time, which is denoted by the Sun, is embedded all forces or energies for the works of creation, protection and destruction and these energies have been very carefully unearthed by the ancient Maharshis and embodied into the formula found so profusely in the pages of Muhurta, an important division of astrology. Time is the essence of all things, their creator, protector and destroyer. The seasons of natural law into which the common year is divided have their counterparts in the processional cycle of the Sun. Periods of planting, cultivation; harvesting, maturity and decay are common to every sub cycle of its activity. Time has got its own properties. The ‘Time’ therefore can be said to be the basic working power in Muhurta astrology. This is so in the Muhurta as within the time chosen for a particular ceremony, all the good vibrations have to be cantered such that the energy generated would nullify all other unfavourable factors and ensure success, of the enterprise. Muhurta is much more important. It gives valuable directions by following which the person will be enabled to remove, neutralize, counteract or overcome the evils indicated by the horoscope chart. Horoscope is diagnostic.

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