Perfect Astrology (Life Events): Predictions of Life Events by Ram Babu Sao

Vedic Astrology with its many calculations and facets is a precise instrument to predict “Events of your Life”. The ancient Vedic system provides a predictive system that can accurately predict “Life Events”. Each person is born with a unique set of psychological tendencies and life potentials. This knowledge can help the individual make use of latent potentials and approach life’s challenges with greater care and purpose and greater peace, prosperity, and happiness in life. These “Vimshotari Dasa Periods” are unique to the system and give Vedic astrologers a tool to quite accurately predict the trends, changes and life events with amazing precision. Therefore, the readers of this book can get more deeply into past, present and what will happen next in your life with respect to all Events related to human beings. Everything happens to everybody either sooner or later in his life. Knowing the common “Life Events” in advance can help a person to anticipate, prepare and survive himself in better way. Here is a list of some common Life Events, such as, Education; Profession and Careers; Promotion & Transfer; Sudden Rise in Life; Sudden Downfall in Professions; Fame, Name & Popularity; Finance & Wealth; Foreign Travels; Fortune (Luck); Imprisonment; Kingdom (Rajayoga); Longevity (Life-Span); Marriage & Multiple Marriages; Madness & Mental Diseases; Health, Diseases & Operations; Old Age Life; Parent’s Danger; Popularity and Downfall in Life; House & Landed Properties; Sanyas; Suicidal Attitude; Travel abroad; Children; Communication Skills; Conveyance/Vehicle; and Death.

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