The Art of Prediction in Astrology by Gayatri Devi Vasudev

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Astrology and interest in it have been growing at a pace that does justice to the subject as a discipline of great consequence in handling the complexities and ills of human life and existence. Authoritative works on astrology abound in Sanskrit and several of them have been translated into english by scholars. These translations are a great boon to the diligent student and carry innumerable combinations and dicta covering almost all aspects of life. However, the difficulty lies in their actual application to horoscopes where the skills of the astrology student are challenged to the limit the art of prediction in astrology is a simple guide to the techniques of interpretation of the horoscope. This book teaches how to apply and interpret some important planetary combinations and dicta found in classical works to practical cases. This shows further how to analyse and understand Yogas for fame and lasting reputation, renunciation, spiritual realization, tyranny and homicidal tendencies difficult concepts such as the difference between Resi and Bhave, Yamaganda and Yamakantaka, the Moon’s role in understanding human psychology and behaviour and the nexus between Rahu-Ketu and schizophrenic tendencies. Eclipses and how they influence the timing of events. Solar activity and planetary movements in relation to weather, agricultural crops and tsunamis principles of Muhurta and natal horoscopy in making forecasts on the fall and continuance of governments and how Martian movements can trigger terrorist attacks such as that of September 11, 2001. Simplifies the intricate art of chart delineation with illustrations of important personalities.

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