Secret of Celebrities: Palm Readings by Ghanshyam Thakur

The book contains Secrets of renowned Celebrities and author’s effort to understand how they achieved fame and power.
Palmistry is the oldest science upon this earth, As soon as the man gained some knowledge and was able to stand on his fact, he become curious to know his future. Even when he did not know to cover his body or to cook his food, he wanted to know some thing about his future. The only method left for him was to see his own palm and judge the imprints on it. This was the starting point of what is know to day as palmistry.
As the time elapsed, he studies some more palms in addition to his own and started to keep a record of his different findings. This was the actual beginning of great work, As his knowledge advanced and also his sphere, he gained more and more knowledge of subject, After that he could formulate some guiding principles about the size, shape and lines of hand, After a deep study and consultations of a large number of hands, he went into more details than accounted for the number of nails , minor lines, fingers etc, and the intensity can be modified to some extent.
After a deep study of this science, during last fourty years, I came to conclusion that I should write my own experiences in the form of a book. This main idea behind writing this book. I have tried, in brief, to encompass all the possible knowledge in this small volume. I have also tried to touch various important point with the help of illustrations and so many interesting photos of peculiar hands. There is every chance of my committing certain mistakes in this Endeavour, but I hope the readers will ignore them and try to catch the spirit behind this work.

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