Predict Everything Using A Rare And Unknown Dasa by Ashutosh Bhardwaj

Ashutosh Bhardwaj comes from Bihar with deep interest and knowledge in Vedic Astrology, laimini astrology and Hast Rekha. He started learning astrology from the very early age of 15. He was intrigued with this subject as he heard many of prediction made by his grandfather were accurate. His grandfather Late Shri Bachchan Lal was a renowned astrologer. He then went on to learn astrology by reading books, manuscripts and gaining knowledge from many astrologers. He holds MA in Astrology. He travelled extensively all over India for many years meeting rare astrologers not known in the English reading astrology circle, as the result of which he got many secret and traditional rules largely unknown to current Astrologers. He is currently working on several other books on Vedic Astrology.

About Book This book is probably the first ever book written on Jaimini’s Padnadamsha dasha also known as Padnavamsha dasha. If not very first ever book on subject, it could easily be only book available in the market on this subject. Moreover, this book covers another brilliant method of Jaimini the “Dasha Chakra” which is the secret key for analyzing Padnadamsha dasha. Unknown to the common public until now, these methods were kept within Guru-Shishya paramparas and/or family traditions. Author had worked on these methods for more than a decade during this time, he has gone above and beyond to uncover some of the finest and rare gems of Jaimini Astrology. Presently, there are many books available on various dashas (both Jaimini and Parashari dashas) but none of them covers its own dasha system completely. Diligent readers will find truth in my statement. Another salient feature of this hook is the coverage of advanced topics like Paak, Bhog, and Dhoor dasha signs, rules for timing the events like marriage, childbirths, rise in career, earning high position, travel abroad etc. This book illustrates all these points with the help of examples from the lives of various public figures. 

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