Elucidation of Astrological Predictions by Saptarishis: Aries Ascendant Collection by Madhivanan Panneerselvam

Saptarishis—the seven sages—are the disciples of Lord Shiva, the first yogi. They are the authority on Vedic astrology. Though we have a few astrological works explaining the various rules of Vedic astrology, the lack of a book demonstrating the nuanced art of astrological prediction has been acutely felt by many. Unbeknownst to the astrological community at large, the discussions of the saptarishis and Parvati devi (the consort of Lord Shiva) on the astrological predictions of the lives of people throughout the ages have been recorded in antiquity on palm leaves and passed down the centuries by the nadi readers of South India. Some of these rare palm leaves are preserved in the Government Oriental Manuscripts Library, Chennai.
This book presents an extract of the predictions contained in the Aries ascendant collection of the Saptarishi Nadi series; it contains only the portion where the saptarishis discuss among themselves and put forth their arguments in favor of/against some of their predictions. It is indeed fortunate that the saptarishis elaborate on their predictions and elucidate the various conflicting rules. This discussion provides a rare insight into the various rules of authentic Vedic astrology as was originally practiced.
Take a peek at the predictions of the saptarishis and be pleasantly amazed!
Madhivanan Panneerselvam studied Medicine at Stanley Medical College, Chennai. Though a doctor by profession, he is engrossed in unraveling the mysteries of life and nature. He strongly believes in the rich cultural heritage of India. He is interested in spirituality, the Indian systems of medicine, and of course, Indian astrology. He was intrigued by nadi astrology and came across Saptarishi Nadi collection. Upon deeper analysis, he realized that this collection could be the key to unlock the authentic rules followed by our saptarishis.

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