Samudrika Sudha: Indian System of Palm Reading by R G Rao

Right from my boyhood God has given me an opportunity to study and so I have been able to do some research work in the field of Astrology. I am placing, this my humble first Research book published in 1971 concerning the Oriental System of Nadi Astro Palmistry which is adopted in the last page corresponding the planets and the native’s palm which goes together. I am humbly placing before you all this squirrel work for your appreciation, study and valuable suggestions, and this book is dedicated for every one of you and all. As a consequence of my actions in the previous birth i have studied the science of Palmistry with great interest since boyhood and I have prepared this book entitled ‘Samudrika-Sudha’ on the basis of my experience and critical study of several authorities in this field as a concentrated essence and placed it before the interested readers for kind perusal and acceptance.

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