Advance Predictive Techniques of Ashtakvarga by MS Mehta and Rajesh Dadwal

Ashtakvarga is a unique system developed by the genius of Hindu Maharishis to assess the strength of planets in transit. The birth horoscope shows only the position of planets at the time of birth, but since planets are in motion all the time with respect to their original position as well as with reference to other planets it is necessary to establish the strength of the planets to ascertain whether they will give good results or bad results. It is an established rule of astrology that only strong planets will give good results, for example a strong Sun in the horoscope will give high status, respect, wealth and good health while a weak Sun will lead to being discarded by the family and friends. Their will be quarrels with bosses leading to disgrace. There will be a heat problem and ‘aim-less’ wandering as Parashara calls it. It is for this reason that Phaladeepika extols the virtue of a third system with whose help one can establish whether the planet will give good or evil results. According to Parashara only general predictions can be given on the basis of birth horoscope. The definite results can only be ascertained with the help of ASHTAKVARGA. This system therefore is an offshoot of Parashari system and provides a great aid to give accurate predictions.

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