Astrology – The Divine Order of the Universe: Houses, Numbers, Signs and Planets by Joni Patry

Astrology is the Divine science that makes sense of the order of the Universe. In this book you will come to understand how mathematically numbers are the bases of astrology. The houses in astrology are the core essence that will give numbers meaning. Once the meanings of houses are understood in terms of the numerical order the perfection of the Universe is revealed. The houses reflect the purpose and meaning of life and how everything is interconnected and related. In this book the meanings of numbers and how they relate to each other come alive through the meanings of the houses. It will reveal our spiritual journey through life from birth to old age. The houses are divided into the categories of the 4 Aims of life, which are the 4 elements. This gives an understanding of the energetic flow of how life unfolds and the purpose and meaning of our lives. This is revealed from the understanding of Fire-Dharma, Earth-Artha, Air-Kama, and Water-Moksha. As the planets are placed into the houses the areas of one’s life and destiny become clear as to the karmas of the soul. The houses the planets rule and the houses they are placed indicates the intricacies of an individual’s life. The houses are assessed through the experiences of seasoned astrologer Joni Patry from many years of working with planets, signs, and houses in her personal life and with clients. In each chapter all 12 houses, are explored with deep and profound understanding leaving no stone unturned. The book is organized in this way: The houses are grouped according to the 4 elements or 4 Aims of life. Each house is analyzed as it is in relation to all the other houses giving deep perception into the meaning of numbers. For example, the 2nd house rules our personal finances. Therefore, the 2nd house to any house indicates financial gains from the house in question. The 8th house is the 2nd house from the 7th house indicating the partner’s (7th house) money (2nd from the 7th house). Each house is understood by its relationship to other houses, and Bhavat Bhavam. For example, the 5th house represents children. Counting 5 houses from the 5th house is the 9th house. So the 9th house is our children’s children or grand children. Each planet is analyzed and interpreted in all the houses. And the planet’s rulership of each house is analyzed as it is placed in all 12 houses. Each house has 2 birth charts of famous individual’s to explain the core essence of what the house means. Finally, all the planets are analyzed as they transit through all the houses. Future predictions are revealed through the understanding of all the transiting planets through all 12 houses. This is the most in-depth analysis of the understanding and meaning of the astrological houses, using numbers, signs and planets in astrology. Amazing and powerful, this will change the way you view astrology through and understanding of the Divine Order of the Universe!

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