Fortune and Misfortune by S S Chatterjee

Dr, S.S. Chattenee, now 72 is a noted authority on Vedic Astrology and is a prolific writer in predictive astrology. This is his 15th book. His books and as well as write ups are not only authentic but also provide thought provoking clues to the judgement of horoscopes, His books are storehouse of information or simply a knowledge bank.

The interpretation of an horoscope is like playing the card game bridge. There are some very good bridge players who understand all the many tools and techniques, but they use only the very best ones. There are other bridge players who try to incorporate all the convention and techniques of the game and end up confusing themselves and their partner. This can be true of astrologers. The author had seen astrology charts that had so much information written on them that he could not read them. In his view a good understanding of astrology and the aforementioned techniques is all not needed. Good astrologers learn it all and then select the best system for themselves after much experimentation and research. The author has written this eleventh book for the benefit of readers. More than 150 clients in their difficult days of life. Hardly there is anybody who never faces any problem in life. This book will surely provide deep astrological skill inside all the beginners and experienced personalities in the field of astrology.

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Fortune and Misfortune by S S Chatterjee

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