Spirals of Growth and Decay: Exposing the Underlying Structure of the Financial Market by Daniel T Ferrera

The content within The Spirals of Growth and Decay represents the core research and life work that Ferrera spent 12 years developing before he began researching Gann Analysis, and is the base which has led to all of his other insights and understanding of the markets.

Table of Contents

  • Preface
  • Dedication & Risk Discloser – Page 1
  • Introduction – Pages 2-4
  • The Basis of My Forecasting Method, W.D. Gann – Pages 5-6
  • Energy – Page 6
  • Electromagnetic or Radian Energy Waves – Pages 7-8
  • W.D. Gann’s 1909 Ticker Digest Interview – Pages 8-17
  • Understanding Cycles of Time – Pages 17-26
  • Mathematical Review From Keys To Successful Speculation – Pages 27-34
  • Nonlinear Mathematics & R.N. Elliott – Pages 34-37
  • Fibonacci Series – Pages 37-41
  • The Logarithmic Spiral & Limit Cycles – Pages 42-47
  • Wave Extensions R.N. Elliott & W.D. Gann – Pages 48-53
  • Cycles of Price Defined – Pages 54-55
  • Vibration – Pages 55-56
  • Fractals – Pages 57-62
  • Nine Again – Pages 62-63
  • Cycles of Price in Action – Pages 63-100
  • Combining Cycles of Price with Cycles of Time – Pages 101-104
  • Sideways Corrections – Pages 105-108
  • Linking Spirals to Reveal Additional Fractals – Pages 109-114
  • Trying to Pinpoint the Dow’s Super Structure – Pages 115-119
  • Why the 3rd & 7th Waves of a Move Tend to Be Strong – Pages 120-124
  • The Analytic Power of Linking Spirals Revealed – Pages 124-132
  • Beyond a Reasonable Doubt – Pages 132-133
  • Perspective Issues Easily Handled by Limit Cycles – Pages 134-135
  • Hint’s For Finding a Market’s Rate of Vibration – Pages 135-136
  • Notation Used for Tracking and Charting Spirals – Pages 136-137
  • Basic Patterns to Look For in the Markets – Page 137
  • Complex Sideways Corrections – Page 138
  • Lost Motion Patterns on Corrective Waves – Page 139
  • How Our Limit Cycle Easily Handles These Visual Issues – Page 140
  • Final Example Addressing the Wave-Patterns Just Described – Pages 141-143
  • Summary and Conclusion of Material – Page 143
  • Bonus Ideas for Further Research – Pages 144-158
  • Summary of Wave Values Presented In Text – Page 159
  • Suggested Further Reading – Page 160
  • Instructions for the 5&9II TradeStation Indicator – Pages 161-168

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