Signs and Symbols of Primordial Man by Albert Churchward (1910)

African people developed signs and symbols as a way of communicating and delivering messages. It is most unfortunate that most people who today are members of secret societies have no in-depth knowledge of the history of the society and the unifying role it played in the early intellectual life of the Nile Valley. It is through Churchward’s examination of most of the known cultures of the people of his day that the signs and symbols of primodial man is revealed. At this juncture we need to be reminded that Nile Valley stretches over 4,000 miles into the body of Africa and that the creations of Nile Valley civilizations cannot be attributed only to that portion of North Africa that the Greeks called, “Egypt.” The Nile river was the world’s first great cultural highway, bringing people and cultures out of the body of inner Africa. This great cultural migration led to the peopling of Egypt. Making Egypt and composite civilization compromised of different African people who dwelled along the banks of the Nile river. The civilization that developed in Egypt was the culmination of civilization.

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