Profit With The Planets by K Silas

A beginner’s resource guide and How-To manual for getting started using astrology in the stock market for selecting and trading individual companies and stocks.

Written especially for traders with no understanding or prior experience in Astrology with easy to understand basics on how to add using the power of astrology to your current trading strategy.  Includes a basic teaching of how to read and interpret an astrology wheel – no other short written financial resource teaches you how to read astrology …just how to apply it !

A decade’s worth of research, studies and findings combined  in an easy to read resource for those wanting to get started learning and using astrology and the markets or interested to add astrology to their current trading strategies.  Collected studies you cannot find on the internet anymore, teachings from the world’s best financial astrologers and my own findings through trial and error. Most successful when combined with technical analysis to give you the edge over your competition and  confirmation bias.  The secret  indicator the charts can’t or won’t show you – how to identify winning trades ahead of the crowd.

This guide covers planetary finance for individual company share trading only and is not related to general markets, commodities markets or cryptocurrency.

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