Forces At Work: Astrology And Career by Amy Shapiro

This book shows why we choose our careers, with 85 people who participated in a long-term study. Astro-Therapist Amy Shapiro shows how one’s career path is mirrored in the natal chart with a survey of individuals with a range of careers. This book gives new perspectives on career development, with insights by Dr. Oskar Adler, a new look at the Gauquelin Sectors, Part of Fortune, Asteroids, Chiron, Ceres and Eris. A valuable tool for Astrologers and Career Counselors.

Reviewer comments from the back cover:

“Amy Shapiro’s new book, Forces at Work: Astrology and Career is a thorough and comprehensive astrological guide for anyone wishing to understand the uncanny connections between their astrological chart and their work path. Every HR department should have a copy for reference!” — Shelley L. Ackerman, Astrologer, Author, Columnist, Karmic,

“Amy’s Forces at Work fills a gap in the astrological literature of career by providing in-depth research that combines personality theory with astrology. Her study, based on a thorough career survey, incorporates insights from the work of Dr. Oskar Adler, along with comments from study participants to pinpoint astrological findings. This work will appeal to the intermediate to advanced astrologer who wants to refine career counseling methodology.” — Stephanie Jean Clement, Ph.D., Astrologer, Author, President, American Federation of Astrologers

“Amy Shapiro’s comprehensive book on the use of astrology in career counseling is unique for its detailed case studies through which her depth of counseling experience shines. I was particularly intrigued by her inclusion of the new (since 2006) planets Eris and Ceres in her interpretations—not many astrologers are using Eris at all yet, and most still treat Ceres as an asteroid. Amy’s description of Eris as ‘provocateur’ is interesting, insightful and well supported within her analyses.” — Maria Kay Simms, Astrologer, Artist, Author ~Starcrafts Publishing

“Besides relationships and health, choice of a career and life direction is commonly one of an astrological client’s most pressing issues. Uniquely, Shapiro not only discusses the usual vocational indicators in the horoscope, she also adds unfamiliar but powerful concepts and interpretations from the legendary Dr. Oskar Adler. Plus, she backs up the theory with scores of charts accompanied by feedback in the subjects’ own words. This book will give seasoned counselors new and useful insights. Augmented by handy tips, definitions and checklists, it will also set beginners on the road to perfecting this all-important part of their practice.”–Patricia White, Vice-President, Astrolabe

“Amy Shapiro is a brilliant Astrologer whose writings illumine deep cosmic connections between one’s personal passions and professional path. Amy reveals the power of Astrology as a healing and guiding force and innovative and profound tool for Career Counselors.” — Patricia Huxley-Cohen, MSW, LICSW, Psychotherapist / Counselor; pioneered programs adopted by the Dept of Labor.

“Forces at Work combines traditional career counseling techniques with classic astrology. Amy’s unique ability to employ her technical skills in both disciplines is revealed in this in-depth study, which the serious practitioner will find insightful.” — Ed Kaznocha, Labor Market Economist

In his Foreword, Economist Ed Kaznocha explains how this book explores realms beyond the tools of standard career evaluation surveys.

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